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My wife and I just got our second tats from John Howie, and I can’t express how impressed I am with this shop. Way relaxed and cool vibe, professional to the core and killer, killer artists. I got a Jules Feiffer illustration on my forearm, and the rendering was spot on – especially impressive given the non-standard tat image. Will be back, and back, and back.

Mark G.

Our Artists


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Anna Sylvan
Anna Sylvan
Anna has been tattooing since 2015. She attended Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Delaware, and Juniata College where she majored in Wildlife Conservation and studied zoology, botany, and anatomy.

Anna specializes in illustrative color tattoos, most often botanical illustration and animal designs. However, she has experience in all styles of tattoo art, and enjoys getting out of her comfort zone and taking on challenging projects.

When she’s not at work, she enjoys playing with makeup, and learning about witchy practices like tarot and herbalism. Her interests include mythology, reading, film, and cats!

To book with Anna, please visit her website:

Liz Glitz
Liz Glitz
Liz has degrees in Advertising Design and Industrial Design, but tattooing is where she found her passion.

Liz began her tattoo career in the spring of 2012 and has been developing her own personal style ever since. Her focus is on neo-traditional and ornamental tattoos, as well as fancy custom scripts. She loves to create anything decorative, fantastical, witchy and/or awesome. Outside of tattooing, Liz loves her cats, music, nature, pole dance, and rainbow shiny things!

To book with Liz, please visit her website:

John Howie
John Howie
With a fine arts pedigree, John Howie has been working as a professional artist since 1996. After tattooing for over a decade, John opened his own studio, Frequency Tattoo Company, in 2014. Fueled by a genuine passion for tattooing, John’s strength lies in his versatility—from American traditional to delicate portraiture, John delivers. Committed to both his craft and clientele, John’s work has been featured in Philadelphia Weekly, Revolver Magazine, and Apple Jacks Studio.

To book with John, please send him an email at

Gwen 'VDH' van den Heever
Gwen 'VDH' van den Heever
Gwen VDH received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Painting/Drawing from SUNY New Paltz in 2017. They are expertly trained in dozens of different mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, and digital software like Photoshop and Procreate. They bring over 15 years of artistic knowledge to every tattoo.

A veteran of freelance illustration, Gwen is primely focused on customer satisfaction. They take pride in their craft, and going above and beyond the client’s expectations.

To book with Gwen, please visit their website:

Dom Caswell
Dom Caswell
Dom is Frequency’s first ever piercer! He has been piercing for almost a decade and is available Tuesdays – Saturdays. Stop by during shop hours for inquiries or set up an appointment through Dom’s Instagram:

Friendly, professional, committed to clients, and DAMN GOOD ARTISTS. My sister and brother-in-law have been raving about this shop for years; so much so that I made an appointment for when I was visiting (even with my own artist at home.) BEST DECISION EVER. SO happy. Now I know what all the fuss is about.

Jaime F.

About Frequency Tattoo

Frequency Tattoo Company

Frequency Tattoo Company opened the doors to its brand new facility in March of 2014. Since then, Frequency has maintained a commitment to the highest possible standards of tattooing excellence, clinical-level hygiene, and customer service—all at a fair price, in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Frequency Tattoo Company is an entirely custom studio, meaning there are no standardized templates, making every tattoo truly one of a kind. Versatile and talented artists John Howie, Anna Sylvan, and Liz Glitz work with each client to create a unique piece, carefully considering aesthetic and placement, all while maintaining the integrity of the customer’s original idea.

Frequency isn’t simply an in-and-out tattoo shop; it’s a commitment to artistry, community, and the customer, constantly striving to set new industry standards. Thanks for checking us out!

I just got my second tattoo from John Howie and he is the absolute best. His shop has a great atmosphere, and everything was so sterile and clean. He himself is a great artist to work with and I will definitely be returning to Frequency.
Casey D.

Location & Hours

Frequency Tattoo Company

Frequency Tattoo Company

4038 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19129


Our shop is open to appointments only.

Came with a rough sketch and John was able to refine it for me. Great guy to chat with, even better tattoo artist. Really happy with the work he did; will recommend to my friends in the area. Definitely a solid tattoo parlor.

Elliott F.