To help us protect ourselves and all our clients, everyone will be asked to…
  • wear a mask during their entire visit
  • submit to a no-contact temperature test upon arrival
  • sanitize their hands upon arrival/request
  • come to your appointment alone
  • contact us to reschedule if you feel feverish, develop a cough, or otherwise show symptoms of COVID-19.
We also will be increasing our already exacting hygiene standards by washing hands even more frequently and wearing masks, disinfecting all surfaces before and after every tattoo, and keeping the space well-ventilated and clean.
We are updating our cancellation policy as well to be more flexible in the case of suspected COVID-19. 
We require a $100 deposit to confirm an appointment, which would be forfeit in the case of a no call/no show or late cancellation:
Reschedule with a week or more of notice and the entire deposit will be applied to your new appointment date
Reschedule 3-7 days of the appointment, 50% goes to the artist for lost time, 50% will be applied to new date
Reschedule within 48 hours of the appointment, 100% goes to the artist and a new deposit would be required to make a new appointment
HOWEVER, we understand that COVID-19-related emergencies happen, so please contact the shop directly so we can make a decision based on your situation.
Thank you for your patience as we navigate this confusing time.
Be well,
Frequency Tattoo Company